UltraVnc File Transfer

Ultr@VNC features an embedded File Transfer with intuitive Graphical User Interface allowing for easy file copy between local and remote computers.

  • Compression: Files are compressed on the fly during transfers, ensuring optimal bandwidth utilization
  • Resume: Interrupted transfers can be resumed, thus only the missing parts of the files are resent
  • Delta Transfer: only the changed parts of the files are resent
  • Transfers are asynchronous if wanted:
    - When the File transfer GUI Window is visible there are no screen updates, so the speed for file transfers is max.
    - When File transfer GUI Window is minimized screen updates and file transfers occur in parallel.
  • Display of progress percentage during transfers
  • Directory Transfer
  • Uses the current Ultr@VNC connection
  • Optional User Impersonation option, limiting remote file system access to identified Windows ™ users only