binary.png ultravnc 1216 X86 setup

UltraVNC distribution for 32-bit operating systems.
Supports Windows XP or later.
option to select x86 CPUs without SSE/SSE2 support

GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2017-09-13 English Windows 2.92 MB 116,606 Download

binary.png ultravnc 1216 X64 setup

UltraVNC distribution for 64-bit operating systems.
Auto Operating system selection

GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2017-09-13 English Windows 2.87 MB 264,350 Download




binary.png ultravnc 1216 msi w32 XP

UltraVNC distribution for XP.
Build with VS2010 to be compatible with older cpu.

GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2017-09-15 English Windows 4.55 MB 3,610 Download

binary.png ultravnc 1216 msi w32 win8

UltraVNC distribution for 32-bit operating systems.
Supports Windows WIN7 or later. Requires SSE/SSE2 CPU support.

GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2017-09-15 English Windows 4.83 MB 4,104 Download

binary.png ultravnc 1216 msi x64 win8

UltraVNC distribution for 64-bit operating systems.
Supports Windows7 x64 or later.

GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2017-09-15 English Windows 5.39 MB 6,807 Download

binary.png ultravnc 1216 msi x64 XP
UltraVNC distribution for 64-bit Windows XP installations (Windows XP x64) only.
GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2017-09-15 English Windows 5.52 MB 1,853 Download


zip.png ultravnc 1216 w32 bin zip

All bins 32 bit

OldCpu:  The never compilers add by default sse2 support, use this version if you have a cpu without acceleration. XP>=
XP is for all XP and higher
WIN8 is for win8 and higher

GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2017-09-13 English Windows 7070 KB 4,934 Download

zip.png ultravnc 1216 x64 bin zip

All bins 64 bit
XP is for all XP and higher
WIN8 is for win9 and higher

GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2017-09-13 English Windows 5042 kb 7,634 Download

w2k, not signed as sha1 authenticode certs are not not longer supported and available.

zip.png ultravnc 1212 encryption plugins bin zip
GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2016-10-26 English Windows 727.61 KB 14,172 Download

binary.png addons win32 1210
same addons for 1210 and 1211
GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2016-01-25 English Windows 1.34 MB 27,632 Download

binary.png addons x64 1210
same addons for 1210 and 1211
GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2016-01-25 English Windows 1.27 MB 42,899 Download

Remark bins: Never extract the exe direct (via iexplorer) from the zip.
If you extract them direct, uac mark the files as unsecure... and winvnc server doesn't work proper.
First save as zip then open via explorer...


Word doc is also available, feel free to correct or add things.
UVNCLaunch manual
server options


zip.png UVNC launch 1212 zip
GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2016-10-26 English Windows 650.02 KB 15,999 Download

WARNING:  In MODE I the repeater works like a proxy.
You need to restrict the ip addreses and ports to prevent unwanted access. (repeater settings)


zip.png ultravnc_repeater_1300


The keepalive option can only be activated if all winvnc are >= version 1201
The older vnc server don't understand the keepalive repeater to server message.

The message is used to prevent that timeouts close the connection.

GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2016-05-15 English Windows 213 B 15,169 Download

zip.png ultravnc_repeater_1300_src
Repeater 1300 sourcecode
GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2016-05-15 English Windows 139.33 KB 5,827 Download

Mirror Driver

zip.png Mirror Driver

Mirror driver ( min OS XP, max win7 X64)
Full installer auto download mirror drivers, but if you selected no you can manual install the mirror driver.
Mirror driver can only be installed via the console ( no RDP session)
Vista >  open a cmd "run as admin" and run the install.bat from there  ( UAC required)

Commercial licenseTooltip 2011-06-19 Windows 352.8 KB 363,927 Download

SourceCode uvnc 1216

zip.png ultravnc_1216_src
GNU/GPL link_extern.gif 2017-09-13 English Windows 9.09 MB 1,749 Download


* Ultr@VNC - Latest modifications - History Sept 2017
-bad connection caused by clipboard transfer during connection
-reconnect viewer failed

changes June 2017
-Faster FT
-Fixed FT from winvnc to vncviewer if winvnc is running as service
-Better windows 10 support
-jpeg lib update

** V1.2.1.1 April 2016
Vnchooks: make sure the correct versions are attached, some older crashed

-black screen on connection/ grey screen on connection and deadlock
-on disconnect server icon stayed yellow, blocking new connections
-black viewer with icons without file transfer.
-fixed mem leaks/resource leak

-Fix overrun crash
-Timeout reconnect fix
-Closing no reconnect fix
-Auto refresh after idle
Update jpeg lib

** V1.2.1.0 January 2016
Server: added rdp session select
Server: added alternate shell  when you use another shell the explorer.exe it doesn’t work correct


Viewer: added remember last location ( host based)

Artifacts on win8>
Faster reconnect on session switch
Repeater:reconnect, some port scanners could kick connections, stability

** V1.2.0.9 November 2015

*added XZ encoder (small bandwidth)
*crash fix
*auto mode: better initial settings to avoid coder switch on start
*fix 10 second delay win8 with keyboardhelper
*w8hook embedded
*option Gii encoder adde
*memory leaks
*added tight encoder patch from Turbovnc project
*reconnect timeout in invers mode was increasing on each try, max set to 3 minutes*crashes detected by crashrpt fixed

** V1.2.0.6 June 2015

*fix timeout multiple viewers
*scale server window, also when directx is not available
*fix multiple initial screen sends
*fix win8 and w8hook loop/hung high cpu
*added dpi aware for viewer

** V1.2.0.5 Dec 2014

*add viewer idle timer

*add server id to password box

*server deadlock fixed ( existed already for 2 years)

*server tray install/uninstall/start stop service

*minimize viewer and high cpu

*save plugin options corrected

*update uvnc_settings.exe ( added new settings, help pages, service buttons)

*update repeater (could be locked by port scans)

** V1.2.0.4 Nov 2014

-Save config plugin fix
-clipboard deadlock
-allow filetransfer when file is open
-sdtime removed ( performance)
-alt-grf win8 fix


** V1.2.0.3 Aug 2014

impact: all pre versions
exploit: localuser (guest) can gain local admin access on win8
** V1.2.0.2
*viewer portable
*you can set a single port java/rfb
*server deadlock fixes for slower connections
*ignore cursor when not in view window ( crashed java viewer)
*fast keyboard input could cause 100% cpu usahe on win8, fixed

** V1.2.0.1 Aug 2014

*service, fix error 1314, server sometimes failed to start desktop part and closed winvnc.
*security: increase timeout after each wrong password to make brute force hacking harder
*color correction 16bit and mirror driver*memory leak with mirror driver fixed in previous fix J
*save setting permission fix
*added support for new repeater with keepalive
*tooltip buffer overrun fix, cause server to fail when sting in systray was to long
( multiple ethernet card. Long hostnames etc…)

**V1.1.9.6 Dec 2013

*auto alpha blending based on OS*zrle deadlock fix
*tight encoding fixed
*show screenbuildup on first run
*server fix bug that crashed iexplorer 8

**V1.1.9.4 Okt 2013

*viewer mod for vmware ( wrong colors)
*update lijpeg-turbo to 1.3.0

**V1.1.9.3 Aug 2013
-Missing screen  refresh  ( when driver selected but not used)
-Factory reset ( when temp was not writable) 

**V1.1.9.2 Aug 2013
-Mirror driver and begative screen coordinates (left secondary desktop)

**V1.1.9.0 May 2013
-fixed change ip detection, sometimes server was disconnected after a few seconds by a false positive
-new installer xp64 wasn’t supported

**V1.1.8.9 April 2013
-Viewer timeout option grayscreen fix
-server leaks fixed

**V1.1.8.8 March 2013
-server crash
-server grayscreen on startup loop fixed

**V1.1.8.7 March 2013
-filetransfer bug fix (x64)

**V1.1.8.6 March 2013
-autoreconnect and auth fail fix
-viewer with option window open fails to close
-viewer messagebox sometimes hidden behind window

**V1.1.8.5 March 2013
deadlock softcursor fixed (viewer)
**V1.1.8.4 March 2013
-u2 encode on 16 color display crash
-fullscreen bar center
-recoonect set by default

**V1.1.8.3 March 2013

-Fix server /NULL crash
-Fix radio button u2 viewer

**V1.1.8.2 March 2013
-fix lock after gray screen

**v1.1.8.2 (March 2013)
-disconnect after gray screen
**v1.1.8 (Nov 2012)
-addad support windows 8
( new capture engine)
-several bug fixes
-better multi monitor support
-new vncpasswd + encryption.
Instead of using the password as part of the encryption, we now check the password insite the encryption by the server. This allow the server to balcklist servers
after x fault password.

WARNING: If using encryption plugin + vncpassword you better upgrade. No protection against Brute force password hacking.

**v1. (Feb 2012)
-removed beeps
-Capture alpha-Blending default value.
-Viewer crash fixed
-Grayscale fixed
-msi installers

*crash chat x64
*AuthRequired=0, passwd=NULL: Warning message block service
*About x64 say win32
*viewer 1082 and server 1096 with localcursor ( no connect, 100% cpu)
*serversite scaling and multiple viewers, framebuffer size get overwritten
(Scale is now lock when multiple viewers are connected to avoid a
framebuffer change, first connected viewer set scale. Site effect is that
the viewer report the unused, incorrect scale, but at least it doesn't crash anymore)
*-connect ip, passed to winvnc running as service is not remembered for
stop the autoreconnect function of the server.
*server mouse moves jump on viewer when screen is idle.
*old plugin zrle crash

*plugin (SecureVNCPlugin) used by viewer
server without plugin
give incorrect viewer message. And doesn't ask to reject the connection.
*monitor value is saved, but vncviewer read it as bool (true/false)
Only 0/1 are correct imported
*old plugins fail when zrle encoding is used
*old plugins give incorrect info in statusbox
*-autoreconnect timeout, -reconnectcounter number
(available from gui and commandline)
-autoreconnect timeout was incorrect, updated
*old plugin detection
*Messagebox was sometimes displayed on invisable desktop
*auth dll error messages for missing dll's incorrect
*mslogon and no groups, didn't checked admin account for access
*lock /logout screen on exit viewer option blocked shutdown server.

*mslogon fixed

added special build: only one port for javaviewer (rfb port is used for java download and rfb data)




This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.