PcHelpware Manual - Part 1

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PcHelpware Manual - Part 1

PCHelpware components (included in the Zip file you can download here)

PCHelpware is basically made of three parts

1. A Viewer that is used to remote control a distant PC
2. A Server that runs on the distant PC
3. An optional Repeater that helps the Viewer and the Server to connect together. It is actually a mediation-proxy service

Viewer and Server can be customized to fit your needs (see Part 3, Part 4 and Customization pages)

The two main connectivity schemes are

1. Direct connection (can be used when only the server PC is behind a NAT router or simply not directly reachable)
Server -> Viewer

2. Connection through a repeater (can be used when both Viewer and Server PCs are behind their own NAT router)
Server -> Repeater <- Viewer


- PC standing behind a NAT means that this PC can't be easily reached from outside (from the Internet)
- You must run the Viewer on your machine. The individual you want to help must run the Server on his machine. Even if this machine is behind a NAT the connection can be done because this connection is initiated by the Server from behind the NAT router to the Viewer over the internet

See Part 2 for more details on connection modes and settings

PCHelpware Zip file contents


> Folders

- Connections:
This folder is used the save Viewer profiles

- Create_server: This folder contain the needed files to generate the customized server exe

- Drivers: If you wish to speedup your connections, you can install special Mirror Drivers under Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

- My Servers: In this folder you find the generated servers. The servers are saved in a sub folder with the same name then the Viewer profile

- Repeater: This folder contains the Repeater. An instance is most time running on the uvnc.com server

- Server_res: Contain the background and icon of the server exe. Can be customized.

> PcHelpware_viewer.exe pchelpware viewer dialog

(1) This is the profile name used to save the viewer
(2) A "Direct Connection" is a connection between server and viewer, "Via Repeater" uses the repeater as a proxy
(3) List of saved viewer profiles.