configSetting up UltraVNC

All you need to know when starting with UltraVNC: How to install and configure server and viewer, which options are available, how registry settings correspond to these options and how to install UltraVNC on hundreds and thousands of computers.


Find installation instructions for the UltraVNC server and viewer.

Server Configuration

See how the UltraVNC server can be configured.

WinVNC Command line Parameters

Find a list of all WinVNC command line parameters to learn how to run UltraVNC server as application or service, how to load the systray icon, just to name a few.

Viewer Configuration

See how the UltraVNC viewer can be configured.

Registry Settings

Find a description of the various registry settings that control UltraVNC's behavior.

Automating installations

When a number of computers need UltraVNC installed automating the installation is important. Have a look at the different unattended methods available.