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** v1.0.8.2 Release
*deadlock fixes
*win2003, xp ( all pre vista) fast user and RDP fix
*color error when using the driver in 16bit color mode.
*added multiple monitors for non driver mode
*corrected mouse behaviour with multiple displays
* mirror driver was used on vista>= and color was 8/grey/b&w crash fix

*listen and add new client fail to connect fixed
*skewed viewer in 254 color mode fixed
*scrollbar and resize fix
*auto mode set to fix color to prevent crash
*write exact error" replaced by "server closed connection
*cancel force socket close
*viewer -listen also remember command lines

*download files uncheck fix
** v1.0.8.0 Release
DSM plugin:
Multithreaded / interface support
Require Multithreaded plugins

-Prompt to disable dsm plugin and connect if an unencrypted session is detected.
-Fallback to dibsection if video memory is low (black screen issue)
-Keyboard hook fixed; no longer interferes with keyboard responsiveness. Also scroll lock is properly handled for special keys.
-Repeater ID is shown in in the recent edit box when you connect along with the repeater host.
-Cmdline options to auto accept connections and another to auto accept unencrypted connections
-Remember last local path in file transfer during a session
-Gui lock fixed ( server disconnect without message could lock gui)

-Some mutex changes that were causing issues when there were multiple connections
-Support for multiple connections using dsm plugin
-Support for new plugin interface
-New repeater cmdline option for simplicity
-Some interface changes in the add new client dialog when using sc mode
-Support balloon tip notifications, used in sc mode
-Dialog to show pending or unauth clients such as those waiting with the repeater or reverse connections
-Also some crashes due to bad function pointer init in dsm plugin handlers

-if no incremental udate is requested (full update) the incremental rectangle is the full screen
-deadlock fixed ( server hang after desktop switch (logon-default-screensaver,taskmanager needed to kill)
-server mouse moves get faster processed
-driver is handled faster (there was a not needed 100ms wait in the code)
[admin] sendbuffer=8192 <<
** v1.0.7 ( Beta tests)

** v1.0.5.6
+driver activation fix
** v1.0.5.5
+ performance updates for low cpu systems
+ autodetection speed slower to get a better average
+ signed , new certificat until 2011

** v1.0.5.4
+viewer security update
** v1.0.5.3 Release

- Added settings editor (as seperate application)
- Added option to preset prim/sec/both desktops as default
- Terminal service dependency removed

** v1.0.5.2 Release

- Unzip32.dll/zip32.dll are not longer needed (correctde)
- Logoff user no check the session number, restart is only done when session != 0 ( Vista or XP with fast user switching)
- DirectX viewer (tabbed_viewer) compiled with good settings

** v1.0.5.1 Release (upgrade to asap...)

* Viewer
- Fix bug where screen froze when file transfer or chat was open.
- Close the chat dialog before deleting TextChat object.
- Fixed server crash in KillAllClients when chat window was open
- Suppress duplicate messages about lost communications
- Suppress "File transfer completed" message if there's an error so the error is seen in the history dropdown
- Autoreconnect fix
- Unzip32 zip32 now always appear in installed folder

* Server
- Save option permission fix
- Performance tweak for server-side scaling
- Close the chat dialog before deleting TextChat object
- Fixed server crash in KillAllClients when chat window was open
- Suppress duplicate messages about lost communications
- Close textchat dialog if open before deleting textchat object to avoid crashing the server.
- Updated javaviewer
- Unzip32/zip32 are now embedded in the exe
- Drivers: fixed clasic style (bad captionbar)