UltraVnc Full
Full version is for installation on a system without vnc installed.
Remove old version AND service before using this installer. Update
Update versoin can be used to update or higher online. This replace
the current binaries and update the uninstaller. Please test local before
upding a remote server.

Viewer Only
vncviewer.exe as zip

Source code Download

Mirror Drivers Download


** v1.0.8.2 Release
*deadlock fixes
*win2003, xp ( all pre vista) fast user and RDP fix
*color error when using the driver in 16bit color mode.
*added multiple monitors for non driver mode
*corrected mouse behaviour with multiple displays
* mirror driver was used on vista>= and color was 8/grey/b&w crash fix

*listen and add new client fail to connect fixed
*skewed viewer in 254 color mode fixed
*scrollbar and resize fix
*auto mode set to fix color to prevent crash
*write exact error" replaced by "server closed connection
*cancel force socket close
*viewer -listen also remember command lines

*download files uncheck fix
** v1.0.8.0 Release
DSM plugin:
Multithreaded / interface support
Require Multithreaded plugins

-Prompt to disable dsm plugin and connect if an unencrypted session is detected.
-Fallback to dibsection if video memory is low (black screen issue)
-Keyboard hook fixed; no longer interferes with keyboard responsiveness. Also scroll lock is properly handled for special keys.
-Repeater ID is shown in in the recent edit box when you connect along with the repeater host.
-Cmdline options to auto accept connections and another to auto accept unencrypted connections
-Remember last local path in file transfer during a session
-Gui lock fixed ( server disconnect without message could lock gui)

-Some mutex changes that were causing issues when there were multiple connections
-Support for multiple connections using dsm plugin
-Support for new plugin interface
-New repeater cmdline option for simplicity
-Some interface changes in the add new client dialog when using sc mode
-Support balloon tip notifications, used in sc mode
-Dialog to show pending or unauth clients such as those waiting with the repeater or reverse connections
-Also some crashes due to bad function pointer init in dsm plugin handlers

-if no incremental udate is requested (full update) the incremental rectangle is the full screen
-deadlock fixed ( server hang after desktop switch (logon-default-screensaver,taskmanager needed to kill)
-server mouse moves get faster processed
-driver is handled faster (there was a not needed 100ms wait in the code)
[admin] sendbuffer=8192 <<
** v1.0.7 ( Beta tests)

** v1.0.5.6
+driver activation fix
** v1.0.5.5
+ performance updates for low cpu systems
+ autodetection speed slower to get a better average
+ signed , new certificat until 2011

** v1.0.5.4
+viewer security update
** v1.0.5.3 Release

- Added settings editor (as seperate application)
- Added option to preset prim/sec/both desktops as default
- Terminal service dependency removed

** v1.0.5.2 Release

- Unzip32.dll/zip32.dll are not longer needed (correctde)
- Logoff user no check the session number, restart is only done when session != 0 ( Vista or XP with fast user switching)
- DirectX viewer (tabbed_viewer) compiled with good settings

** v1.0.5.1 Release (upgrade to asap...)

* Viewer
- Fix bug where screen froze when file transfer or chat was open.
- Close the chat dialog before deleting TextChat object.
- Fixed server crash in KillAllClients when chat window was open
- Suppress duplicate messages about lost communications
- Suppress "File transfer completed" message if there's an error so the error is seen in the history dropdown
- Autoreconnect fix
- Unzip32 zip32 now always appear in installed folder

* Server
- Save option permission fix
- Performance tweak for server-side scaling
- Close the chat dialog before deleting TextChat object
- Fixed server crash in KillAllClients when chat window was open
- Suppress duplicate messages about lost communications
- Close textchat dialog if open before deleting textchat object to avoid crashing the server.
- Updated javaviewer
- Unzip32/zip32 are now embedded in the exe
- Drivers: fixed clasic style (bad captionbar)