UltraVNC Donations

If you use and like UltraVNC, please consider making a donation.

You can easily send a contribution by clicking on the picture below.

(The first 0.35EU of a transaction goes to paypal, so please don't donate less than 1 EU)

Donations allow the team to have better tools and working conditions for further developments of the UltraVNC project
(for instance: software licences, harware, servers hosting...)

The UltraVNC Team is not a commercial organisation, so we cannot provide you the forms for tax reduction
If your company needs those forms, you can also buy some software licenses for us that we'll use for UltraVNC developement

Thanks again for your donation !


Information below is extracted from the UltraVNC paypal account database. If as a listed donator you want to add your web site link
or you want some data to be removed, please contact us via the forums : "Rudi De Vos" or "UltraSam"

2007 Donators

Names where removed on request.

2006 Donators

2005 Donators